How It Works

A simple laparoscopic surgery means no new skills are needed for surgeons, and quick and easy relief for patients with acid reflux.

Omega PF™ stands out from other treatment products in being a partial surround device (partial fundoplication) designed to control reflux yet allow easy swallowing. Less problems arise post-op due to the device not disrupting physiology or anatomy and its unique flexible architecture. Plus, the simple laparoscopic procedure does not require new surgical skills, allowing all qualified surgeons to easily replicate.

Several key opinion leaders in the field of gastroenterology and GI surgery have provided valuable inputs and advice for this project to complete the preclinical animal study without adverse events and achieve an FDA IDE approval for a clinical feasibility study. Three renowned surgeons, Drs. Reginald Bell, Tripp Buckley, and John Lipham, consented to be principal investigators for this NIH SBIR grant-supported clinical study (see patient recruitment brochure – PDF file). We look forward to Drs. Bell, Buckley, and Lipham, their coinvestigators, and surgical teams to successfully completing the study.

Key factors of Omega PF:

  • Omega PF is a nitinol device that is easy to manufacture.
  • Omega PF’s design avoids dysphagia.
  • The simple surgery means no nerve manipulation.
  • Omega PF’s large, flat footprint minimizes erosion.
  • Omega PF does not prevent patients from receiving MRI diagnostic procedures.
  • Omega PF did not have any adverse events in its GLP animal study.
  • Omega PF has passed all FDA-required pre-clinical safety and efficacy study requirements, and has been granted an IDE to begin clinical studies.
  • This NIH SBIR grant supported clinical study is being conducted by three renowned surgeons and key opinion leaders in the GERD treatment field.

A Widespread health issue

Over 775 million people worldwide experience symptoms of acid reflux.

GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), or acid reflux, affects conservatively over 8% of adults worldwide, impacting mostly industrialized countries, with 60-80 million people affected in the U.S. alone. Medication, such as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), reduce the effect of the reflux but not the reflux condition itself, and are associated with many serious side effects with long-term use. PPIs manage the GERD condition while surgical procedures treat the GERD condition.

Omega PF™ is an ideal and logical option for patients who have failed at instituting lifestyle modifications and PPI management.

Start A Conversation

We are seeking partners/investors to help improve the quality of lives for millions of GERD patients with our turning point treatment.

Are you looking for a significant business opportunity? GERD is a multi-billion-dollar market and Omega PF™ is a greatly derisked next-era treatment that is patented in U.S., China, and Europe It has achieved FDA IDE approval and successfully verified device safety and efficacy with patient implant. We are looking for partners/investors to support our FDA-approved clinical studies.

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